Other Classes (not '63)

12-10-2022  Can you help identify which grade these photos were from, all at Central School?  Thanks to Jay Skinner who sent them to Murva Johnson Milbradt, who sent them on to us.  Mrs. Powell is the teacherin first picture; the next teacher with dark hair is unknown, and finally, the class without a picture!  Murva said there was one teacher who was known for refusing to have her picture taken with her classes.

(If you can identify people in these pictures, you can send the information to newportcubs63@yahoo.com and we will post the information received)

Teacher's name, year and grade unknown:

Class, grade unknown, no teacher in picture!  Does anyone know the name of the teacher who "was known" for never having her picture taken with her classes?

Mrs. Powell, grade unknown, but possibly is 4th..