Where Are They?


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Class of 1963:

Tomonari Sekiya - Japan?


If you know where these classmates are, please let us know so we can try to reconnect with them. 



The CLASS OF 1964 still has quite a few missing classmates that they are trying to locate.  If you know the whereabouts of any of these folks, they would appreciate your help.  If you can help, please send Suzy Chamberlain Beal a message.  (She is registered on this site as a guest, just click on her profile.)  Thanks!

Sue Brabham Williams

Gary Chipman

Rick Daniels

Ed Eilertsen

Vickie Hanner

Betty Johnston

Patricia Kennedy

Mike Knox

Dick Lowe--found in 2014, but need his address/phone contact info

Alice Neet Young

Fern Nielson

Bub Parsons

Chris Pyke

Betty Richards Green

Maurice Taylor

Frances Ward

Jim Weaver

Danny Weber

Barbara Wilson Trudrau

These students were part of our Class of 1963 at some time during the first three years of high school.  Their pictures are with the rest of the class in the 1960, 61 and/or 62 annuals, but they disappeared before our senior year.  If you know where any of them are today, please let us know at newportcubs63@yahoo.com:

Sammy Lee

Ida Consiglio     

Jerry Cook
Rosalie Lutes   

Delbert Palmer
Mark Scott 

Pauline Hill
Gary Bryant  

Jim Applegate
Karolyn Badgett     

Linda Blean
Bonnie Brinker   

Kerry Campbell
Judy (Jackie) Cross
Peggy Davis     

Gary Dittler
Shirley Gabler     

Paul Hill
Yvonne LaRouche

Claudia Long
Carl Mulhern     

Karen Neistadt
Dixie Newsom    

Dennis Ollom
Toni Omlid      

Leroy Reddin
Donald Smith
Marjorie Snyder     

Judy Sumner
JoAnn Wolfer     

Barbara Yates
L. DeWitt (boy)

Bob Horn

Don Smith     

Don Gilbert
Merilea Grover     

M. Scott (a boy)
Gary Shirley     

Jackie Wood     

Shirley Bentley
Richard Whitney