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8-6-2018, PM--beginning to crop & edit pictures.  Posted the first ones tonight, will continue to post by small batches as they are ready.  It is not a quick process, so please be patient.

In blue column at left, see new tab for 55th Reunion; then subsections for Friday nite, Saturday afternoon & misc. items.  Will try to work through them somewhat in order, beginning with Friday evening. Enjoy!

Mystery Solved!!  8-6-2018


8-5-2018: Cliff Houghton brought a mystery painting to the 55th reunion.  On the last day of school in 1961 Cliff was in an art class, and a boy from another grade gave him a painting that he had made and asked him to take care of it for him.  So, for 57 years Cliff has kept the painting, always wanting to return it to the artist boy, but he didn't remember who he was.  So he asked reunion the attendees whether anyone could help.

This intrigued some of us, and thanks to some initial detective work by Toni Brodie, John Gardner from the NHS Class of 1961 began to seem like he may have been the artist. Patty snapped a picture of John Gardner from the 1961 annual and sent it to Cliff Houghton, who quickly confirmed that was the boy he remembered from the art class.

But how to locate this John Gardner?  Patty looked through the 1961 senior class in the yearbook and saw that Bob Thompson was among them.  He still lives in Newport, but is not listed in the phone book.  So Patty called his son Rob and got Bob's phone number.  She left a message with Bob's wife about the mystery painting.  She confirmed that Bob is still friends with John Gardner who now lives in Portland, and that they talk by phone now and then  Bob called Patty back and gave her John Gardner's phone number, and also osaid that John still does some painting.  Patty emailed the information to Cliff Houghton, and now we are waiting to hear how this story ends!




"Almost Always the 3rd Saturday of the month, 9:30 A.M."

Class of 1963 Monthly Breakfast:

During the 55th reunion, the class voted to NOT hold a

breatfast later this month, on the 3rd Saturday as usual.

Next breakfast:  September 15




55th Reunion Pictures . . . coming soon!


55th Reunion...




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To make it easier for planning our calendars:

Based on our breakfast location history of the past few years, here is a  more-or-less schedule that we have begun using for our upcoming breakfasts . It is "more-or-less" because we can always make a change if it seems good to do so.  (For example, say if someone who lives farther away than Western Oregon should happen to come through, we are always happy to change our schedule to a date or location so they would be able to join us!!)  


Jan. & July       Woodburn or Wilsonville area

Feb. & Aug.      Newport

Mar. & Sept.     Spirit Mountain, Grand Ronde

Apr & Oct.        Tualatin or elsewhere on I-5

May & Nov.       Albany

June & Dec.     Salem  

The idea is to make the breakfast sites reachable for as many classmates as possible!

Do YOU have other ideas?  Other locations where you would like to meet for breakfast?  In the past we have tried the Eugene area a few times, but the turnout there was usually low.  We have never met in Corvallis, so that is another possibility.    Would really like to hear your ideas!

Please contact us at and let us hear your ideas!  

541 265-7117



Need your help:  We have NO pictures in the "Pictures of Years Past" Sections for the 1950s and the 1980s.  If you have some that you would like to share, please contact us at  If you will loan them to Pat, she will scan them & return to you promptly!


If you would like to have a better-quality copy of any of the photos from this site,  please "Contact Us" and we will be glad to email the digital file to you!  PPH


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